Frequent travelers

Busy schedule, but you still want to have regular contact with your yoga teacher? Private online classes can provide just that, at your pace and when it suits you.

Staying at home

Especially in these challenging times, many of us need to stay home more than we wish. Help yourself get through by engaging with online private classes.


©Renée Stravers

Why take a private class?
Have you ever wondered what a private class can do for you? Or maybe group classes are just not your thing? Then you are in the right place!

Private classes can be great if you’re new to yoga, but can also be tremendously beneficial to grow your existing practice. It can even support you in your existing exercise routines, such as running!
Sometimes we have injuries or our bodies change in other ways, and it feels like we have to re-discover how to be in our body. Maybe we even need to come to terms with how we feel about our body, our self-judgement and expectations.

Taking one or more private classes can provide the depth and focus to bring your intentions and purpose to fruition, or even to find what it is you want to focus on in the first place.

No private class will be the same. You can expect a highly personalized approach, based on:

  • all of your questions, planned or spontaneous!
  • integration with your existing exercise routine
  • encouragement in learning how to personalize your practice
  • meditation techniques to help settle down a busy mind
  • my basic trust in you and your potential to grow

Get in touch to book your class!