“I was fortunate to have received private lessons directly from Bea. This was my first tete-a-tete with Yin yoga and I wasn’t sure what to expect. To my pleasant surprise, not only did Bea succinctly summarise the theoretical aspects of Yin but also customised lessons to aid in my running workouts. During the lessons, she laid bare each posture’s undertones and implications, which has helped me choose the ones I can now practise on my own, outside of the lessons. Highly recommended!”
Bipin Upadhyay

I find Bea’s classes very nice and calming. She explains the poses in a clear way and what really sets her apart is the personal attention before and after class. She always checks in with you if you have any wishes that she can adapt her class to and also after class she takes all the time to explain things to you and help you if a pose did not go well during class.
– Karen van Meeteren

“I never did Yin Yoga before following a class with Bea, but I find it to be a very pleasant experience. Bea takes good care to guide you through the poses, making adjustments for those who are less stretchy. I definitely recommend this!” 
– Peter Kok

“Never having done yin before, I was in for a surprise when I started with Bea! Over the last 10+ years I’ve done a lot a yoga: ranging from the more strict and full of props (Iyengar) to the spiritual and full of chants, ohm’s and breathing exercises (Sivananda) and everything in between. And through Bea’s classes I discovered that yin is actually cool in it’s own way. She explains very well why we do a pose and how it benefits certain body-parts, and what you’re supposed to be (and not be) stretching and feeling. Bea’s voice is soothing while clear, and she pays a lot of attention to the posture of each individual. She makes yin relaxing and totally badass at the same time. Bea, thank you so much for teaching this!” 
– Famke van Montfoort  

“Bea is a dream yoga teacher! She has a very deep connection with her own body and expresses this connectedness in her instructions, which is very motivating exploring my own body. My learning point is to drop too much thinking and this yin yoga training helps a lot! Thank you, Bea!”
– Richard